Samsung Galaxy S3 Will Feel Sophisticated Features Galaxy S4 Review

Recently, Samsung has said that they will release Galaxy Sophisticated features in the Galaxy S3 S4. Now, the country's ginseng vendors began keeping his word is.

After the latest update to the software give boost Android Jelly Bean OS 4.2.2 on the Galaxy S3, Samsung reportedly also includes superior features Galaxy S4. Among other features brought, S Voice Control, Effect Lockscreen, Widget, and Screen Mode which you can find in the Galaxy S4.

so far Samsung has not released information about the features of your camera to apply certainty Galaxy S4 in the Galaxy S3. This may be related to a statement from Samsung spokesperson who said that they were not going to embed the features with respect to hardware specifications.

That way, the GS III users will not be able to enjoy the features Air View and Smart TV Remote application. From the latest news, the developer Samsung warned that the update process is still in the experimental stage and development, so that the software update is still limited release. The plan, Samsung will soon complete the process of improving this work in June.

Let's wait for further developments, I hope this news is not just a mere puff.

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