Sonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer Review

When Sonos first came to market, there really was nothing outside the realm of custom installs that came close, in terms of features and functionality. Times have changed a little now, and many competing offerings have hit the market, most notably Apple’s AirPlay system, and most recently, Google’s Nexus Q sphere.Although Sonos is always evolving its products, you won’t see new kit arriving every month, or even every year. So, when Sonos does release a new component, the media, the industry and customers tend to take notice. And this particular new component is very cool, even by Sonos’ own standards.

The Sonos Sub, as its name suggests, is a wireless subwoofer that has been designed to complement your existing Sonos install. Of course whether you need the Sub depends entirely on how you’ve implemented Sonos. If you’re primarily using Connect players (formerly ZP-90) hooked up to your existing hi-fi systems, you won’t need the Sonos Sub. But if you’re using a ConnectAmp or one of the all-in-one solutions – Play:5 or Play:3 – the Sub could be your ideal partner.

Like all Sonos kit, the Sub is simple and quick to setup. Once you’ve placed it in your desired room, you simply select the option to add a new component via your Sonos controller. Once the Sub is discovered you’ll be asked which zone you’d like it attached to. You then need to configure the Sub for the setup in the room you’ve assigned it to. Remember what I said at the beginning of this review about Sonos kit not being expensive? Well, even I have to admit that the price of the Sonos Sub is a little steep at £599 – that puts it in Rel Serie T7 territory!

But the relative cost of an audiophile subwoofer isn’t really the point. If you’re already invested in Sonos, and rely on the system for your multi-room music needs, traditional components and speakers are probably of little interest to you. And if you want to get the very best sound from your Sonos install, the wireless Sub really will transform your listening experience. There’s no getting away from the fact that the Sonos Sub is an expensive piece of kit, but the difference it can make to the sound quality of your Sonos setup is astonishing. Is it worth the money? It depends on how important sound quality is to you. If, like me, you have Sonos components throughout your house, I wouldn’t suggest putting a Sub in every room. But in your main living room, where you entertain or just kick back and listen to music, the Sub is a worthwhile investment.

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