Samsung NX1000 20.3 Megapixel Digital Compact System Camera Review, Specs and Price

Design and options

The body of the NX1000 is sort of like the NX200, however it is not identical. it is the same height because the older model, however somewhat narrower and somewhat agent, though it's precisely the same weight - a astonishingly light-weight 271g minus the lens. The shape, too, is slightly totally different, with the lens positioned more to the left of the body deed additional space for the user's fingers between the lens barrel and therefore the handle. The handle has lost the rubber grip pad on the front, however it's still quite snug and secure to carry, and incorporates a thumb grip space on the rear. the general build quality is nice, however the light-weight body is created largely of plastic and will creak a trifle if given a decent squeeze. The kit lens conjointly incorporates a plastic barrel, and feels Very light and insubstantial.

One feature that distinguishes the NX1000 from the remainder of the NX vary is that the monitor. the 2 dearer models get Samsung's acclaimed AMOLED screen, however the NX1000 has got to accept a seven.6cm (3in) TFT digital display. It's no handicap though; the screen is bright, sharp and clear, with wonderful distinction, a quick refresh rate, a particularly wide viewing angle and a moderately effective anti-glare surface. The management layout is additionally terribly like the NX200, however once more with slight changes. it's a similar multi-function D-pad with a rotary edge, that is employed to regulate most of the camera's functions, and navigate through each a main menu and a graphical operate menu for fast settings. Main mode choice is via an outsized dial on the highest plate. like the opposite NX models the NX1000 incorporates a full vary of exposure choices, as well as program automobile, aperture and shutter priority and full manual exposure. in addition as these, it's multiple scene modes and good scene choice. The button layout could be a very little totally different, with exposure compensation shifted onto the D-pad and ISO setting adjustment done via the operate menu. the foremost obvious distinction tho' is that the addition of the "Smart Link" button on the highest plate.

The NX1000 is that the latest of the many cameras to incorporate intrinsical Wi-Fi property, which may be accustomed share photos via email. It's fairly simple to use, and no more durable to line up than connecting a smartphone to a Wi-Fi network. The good Link operate is fairly fast and straightforward to use. you'll be able to make a choice from a listing of in-range Wi-Fi signals, enter the countersign if needed, then enter your name and optionally a "from" email address. Add a recipient's email address, select that photos you need to send, and off they're going. photos square measure reduced in size to a pair of.1 megapixels and compressed right down to around 44KB for transmission, that clearly reduces overall quality, thus if you wish to share top quality photos you'll need to attend till you'll be able to transfer onto a computer, however as some way of quickly sharing a photo it's actually quicker than causing a post card.

The NX1000 offers alternative Wi-Fi options too. choosing "Wi-Fi" on the most mode dial results in a menu of choices, as well as Remote view finder and MobileLink, each of that square measure meant to figure with free smartphone apps downloaded from Google Play or Apple App Store. I put in each the Remote view finder and MobileLink apps on my HTC Sensation, a reasonably recent high-spec mechanical man smartphone, and connected the NX1000 to my home Wi-Fi network, however despite continual tries i could not get either one to speak with the camera. to create matters worse each apps unbroken disabling my phone's Wi-Fi association, even going thus far on reset the network countersign. i feel the matter here is with the apps, not the camera. i do not have associate iPhone to check the iOS versions, however the mechanical man versions clearly would like some pressing attention.

The other Wi-Fi choices, as well as direct posting to Facebook, Picasa, YouTube or Photobucket, all work dead well, and there also are choices to remotely transfer your photos to your computer or the Microsoft SkyDrive cloud storage service. I've antecedently expressed that i do not think about Wi-Fi property to be abundant of a point for a camera. I've ne'er nevertheless seen such a feature that works swimmingly, and therefore the NX1000 has done very little to alter my opinion. I suppose the flexibility to instantly post your photos on social media sites can be appealing to some, however it's extremely not one thing i would pay further for. One feature that's definitely worth the money is that the NX1000's wonderful recording mode. It records fully HD one,920 x 1,080 at 30fps with stereo audio, and offers skilled options like manual exposure choices in video mode, image Wizard scene effects, voice recording and additional. The video and audio quality square measure wonderful, though the intrinsical microphones square measure rather susceptible to wind noise.


The NX1000's overall performance is incredibly smart. It will begin and take an image in or so a pair of.5 seconds, and in single shot mode the shot-to-shot time is or so one.6 seconds, that is approaching DSLR speed. Like all CSCs the NX1000 uses distinction detection optical device, however Samsung's multi-point AF is incredibly fast and correct, and even works well with moving subjects, though like the NX200 is will prevent plenty in low light-weight. The NX1000 has many burst and continuous shooting modes, the quickest of which may shoot at 8fps in each JPEG and Raw modes for up to eight shots.

The NX1000 has no intrinsical flash, however there's alittle attachable flash accessible either as associate nonobligatory further or as a bundled accent with the SEF8A kit seen here. it is a neat very little unit and matches the camera well, however it's to be same it is not notably powerful, with a guide variety of solely eight at a hundred ISO. Most life-size accent flashguns square measure 3 or fourfold as powerful. It will a minimum of provide a full vary of flash mode choices, as well as 1st or second curtain synchronize.

Samsung NX1000 Digital Camera Specifications
  • Manufacturer and Model : Samsung NX1000
  • Image sensor : APS-C CMOS, 23.5 x 15.7mm
  • Max. resolution : 20.3-megapixels
  • Zoom : By lens
  • Focal length (35mm) : By lens
  • Maximum aperture : By lens
  • Shutter speeds : 30 sec - 1/4000th
  • Auto-Focus : Contrast detection
  • Manual focus : Yes
  • Exposure control : PASM, Smart Auto, Scene modes
  • Exposure metering : TTL multi-zone, C/W, spot
  • Image stabilisation : Optical stabilisation on some NX lenses
  • ISO range : 100 - 12800
  • LCD monitor : 7.6cm (3in) TFT LCD, 921k dots
  • Viewfinder : N/A
  • Flash : (Optional accessory) GN 8 at 100 ISO
  • Drive modes : Single, continuous (3 or 8fps), burst mode
  • Image formats : JPEG, Raw
  • Video : 1,920 x 1,080 HD, stereo audio, H.264
  • Memory card slot : SD/SDHC/SDXC
  • Supplied memory : N/A
  • Battery : 1030mAh li-ion, 320 shots (CIPA)
  • Ports : USB 2.0, Mini HDMI
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) : 114 x 62.5 x 35mm not inc. lens
  • Weight (body only) : 271g inc. battery & card, no lens.
  • Accessories : Neck strap, lens cap, flash gun, software disk
  • Software : Intelli-studio 3.0, Samsung RAW Converter 4
  • Warranty : 12 months
Price Range : £499

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