TomTom for iPhone Compatible with iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 app Review

I tested TomTom on AN Apple iPhone five running iOS half dozen.0.2. The app boots quickly to a main menu that allows you to navigate to a destination, modify your route choices (if one is already in progress), browse the map, set up multi-segment routes, or modification settings. faucet the Navigate To button, and you may see choices for navigating to your home, favourites, recent destinations, specific street addresses, and so on. you'll be able to additionally navigate on to contact addresses, geotagged exposure locations, coordinates, or points on a map in addition. For the foremost half, keying in street addresses was a sleek method in my tests. even as with the company's standalone navigation devices, you input the town 1st, followed by the road name, then the road range.

Searching for points of interest (POI) is additionally customary fare. However, TomTom's dish info is not the greatest, and therefore the class breakdown continues to create very little sense. Food stores, hardware stores, physical science stores, and additional square measure all lumped along in one overcrowded class tagged "shop," whereas there square measure dozens of top-ranking classes for things like veterinarians, water sports, lawn tennis courts, and holidaymaker data offices, that is misguided to mention the smallest amount. Another issue: TomTom has removed its Google native search feature, therefore it’s unfeasible to urge round the internal dish info any longer as you'll in earlier versions of the app.


Once on the road, TomTom's app is straightforward to use however not notably engaging, with bland graphics and stormy animation that is additional paying homage to a three-year-old standalone GPS. That said, TomTom still leads the pack once it involves displaying route data. You get all manner of knowledge across very cheap of the screen, all of that updates in period. the most show shows this street, subsequent shut down, however far-off it's, your current speed, the ordinance of this road, and therefore the calculable time remaining, distance remaining, and calculable time of arrival. you furthermore may get 3D lane help views, that facilitate with complicated superhighway or heart street layouts, though TomTom's iPhone five optimisations incomprehensible  this screen, as it's indistinct and seems with black bars to either aspect. One annoyance is that clearing a route still takes 3 faucets on 3 separate screens, that is a minimum of 2 too several. Rival Garmin, in distinction, offers a transparent "End Trip" button at very cheap right in the least times. that produces it simple to finish navigation if you are looking for a parking spot close to your destination, or decide mid-route that you simply not would like steering. The latter may be a common prevalence if you are returning from a replacement place and wish navigation simply to urge to a significant superhighway, at that purpose you recognize the remainder of the approach home.

In a series of route tests, TomTom performed specifically needless to say, that is to mention all right. The company's intelligence quotient Routes feature adapts calculable arrival times and matches them to real-world knowledge collected from drivers. Combined with daily Map Share updates, that you'll be able to transfer right from the phone, TomTom's app is arguably additional "plugged in" to current road conditions than the competition. Voice prompts were clear, crisp, and loud. They were additionally well regular, and therefore the app pronounced street names properly in the majority cases. TomTom includes many dozen voices in roughly 24 languages; most do not say street names, however many do. you'll be able to additionally purchase celebrity voices for the app via AN in-app purchase, with choices for the likes of Homer or man Burns from the Simpsons, or Darth Vader or Yoda from Star Wars.

The HD traffic plug-in deserves a special mention. It places a bar on the correct aspect of the screen that represents traffic conditions for your route on the approach. it's extremely spectacular, and therefore the traffic readouts update terribly ofttimes, and forever accurately according what was ahead – even on secondary routes, that was a pleasant surprise. In one specific case, it insisted I exit a unremarkably empty superhighway prior usual. As i believed, "nah, let Maine ignore it and see what happens," right past the exit, I saw brake lights as everybody ahead came to a stop. I exited simply in time. {the only|the thereforele} draw back is that HD traffic is AN in-app purchase so you’ll be paying further for the service.

Price Range : £26.99

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