HTC will more entry-4G smartphone 2015 Review

HTC, the famous Taiwanese manufacturer has just announced that for the year 2015, the firm would be more focused on entry-level terminals and no longer would favor the high end. The company is somewhat struggling against the rise of Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei and Xiaomi, his reaction is in the same direction as the aforementioned manufacturers, the entry level.

This is Jack Tong, president of HTC North Asia, which stated that the manufacturer would do more 4G devices entry level for the beginning of 2015, according to him, all these smartphones will be sold through the website of the firm, a practice becoming more widespread and reducing costs for the manufacturer.

As said above, HTC is clearly inspired by Chinese manufacturers with the desire to distribute its range of input terminals directly from the Internet, which was a Chinese specialty far. However, the premium is not abandoned to believe all the rumors about the HTC Hima who would be the new flagship of the Taiwanese.

In addition, Mr. Tong also reported very good news for HTC Re, the portable camera out there has done little good sales and the company also has its accessories to resume the bull by the horns. What do you think of this new objective of HTC? Is this the solution?

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