Apple Will Launch Low-End iPhone version in the near future.

Apple seems to be slowly reducing the predicate as a manufacturer of gadget-paced high-end. The opinion began to emerge when Apple allegedly is building a low-budget version of the iPhone some time ago. Now the latest gossip about the project company that was competing with Microsoft, starting to see a bright spot.

An anonymous source says that Apple is ready to release a low-budget version of the iPhone, at least in the year 2013 this. This news seemed more sure Apple plans to reach out to lower-middle-class consumers who want to have an iPhone.

Apple's move is seen not just to attract new markets, but also to increase the amount of income. The reason, the company founded by Steve Jobs this could be called the iPhone 5 failed in the market. It can be seen from the low level of sales of smart phones that was first introduced on 12 September 2012. While the iPhone 5S is viewed as less strategic for Apple to boost sales.

Until now, there has been no official specs of iPhone cheap version released by the Apple. But according to rumors, the development team will continue to provide a design that is a combination of the iPhone 5, iPod Touch, and iPod Classic. For the material itself, Apple is predicted to use plastic in the whole body low-budget iPhone, to save production costs.

Despite having the iPhone 5 specs below and constructed with plastic material, some analysts say that Apple will not include the price too low. Apple predicted to only be targeting the middle class to be able to have this new generation of smart phones.

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