IPhone 6 Concept Consider Requiring at by Apple

Lately, many say that the iphone is a device that still has the potential to increase when Apple failed to provide a recent innovation in applying the iOS smartphone. Indeed, after the departure of the late Steve Jobs on October 5, 2010 ago, Apple seemed to lose his strength in innovation.

It made a lot of people who deplore the decline in Apple's developer team to create a new generation of products that actually have a quality commensurate with its predecessor. With this situation, a non-Apple designers re-release a video showing an interesting concept that should have been the best plan embodied in Apple's next generation iPhone.

According to the website Mashable, a Youtube account called Sonicdac has released an interesting concept for you to see. On the video, you will see an iPhone 6 is capable of projecting digital keyboard and trackpad on the table. Not only there, the iPhone 6 is also able to highlight an image display system ala Mac OS X to the walls of the room that does not directly alter the function of the iPhone to a Mac computer.

Let me be clear, and that you are not curious anymore, just watch the video concept iPhone 6 below:

Hopefully teams see and try the Apple iPhone 6 concept consider this one. If you think how?

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