Free and Paid iPhone Apps This Week Top

This week, Apple re-updating applications and best game in the App Store. Here's a complete list of 10 best iPhone apps in iTunes for this week.

There is only one new name that is able to capture a respectable position this week in the free app category. The rest are old applications which last week ruled.

  1. Running with Friends there in the first place. Last week this game is in the second position. Up one ranking this week, and still carries the same game, you have to run and ran away from the pursuit of bull. Download free here.  
  2. Candy Crush Saga last week was ranked 4th. Up two places this week puzzle app 'candy' was able to poke in the unique position 2.Unduh free here.
  3. Fast & Furios 6 The Game is in the 3rd position. This new game similar to the movie currently playing in theaters. Been watching the action Joe Taslim et al? Sila download his game. Download it free here.
  4. Vine dropped one. Last week a video sharing applications 6 seconds is at 3rd position. Now updated with the ability to take video from the camera. Download free here.
  5. Hardest Game Ever 2 weeks it should settle in a position protruding. Though last week's number one game in the U.S., UK, Canada, Germany, and Australia is at the first position. Download free here.

Similar to the free category, in the categories of paid applications there is only one that stands out a new application. The rest are old applications from leading developers. Learn as follows.
  1. Heads Up! (USD 0.99) are still there in the first place. Guessing game is quite unique Hollywood celebrities. Therefore, is divided into several specific categories; music, movies, and more. Download it here.
  2. WhatsApp Messenger (USD 0.99) similar to last at No. 2. IOS users do not seem to be affected by the presence of a variety of new instant messaging applications. Proven WhatsApp remain in respectable order. Download it here. 
  3. A Beautiful Mess (USD 0.99) is a kind of processing applications and share photos or images. Similar to other kinds of image processing application Instagram. Download it here.
  4. Minecraft - Pocket Edition (USD 6.99) still survive in the 4th position. Over the past few weeks is very rare to find this game knocked off the top five. Download it here.
  5. Survivalcraft (USD 3.99) to be satisfied in this week distended position. Last week's Minecraft similar applications exist in 3rd position. Download it here.

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