Latest News Juke Transforms Smartphone Into Portable Karaoke Machine

latest news for smartphones in 2013. The Japanese were the ones who invented karaoke, where it allowed them to sing their blues away after a particularly difficult day at the office. Well, you might not be a fan of karaoke, but do bear in mind that when you step into Asia as well as certain parts of Europe, karaoke is an activity which is hugely popular among the old and the young – and most of the time, a copious amount of beer and booze would add to the revelry, as voices become louder and the pitch starts to go astray. Well, how about turning your smartphone or tablet into a mobile karaoke machine? That is what this Kickstarter project known as Juke is all about. Juke is made up of a small microphone that is then hooked up to your device’s headphone jack, where there is a Bluetooth transmitter which will connect to a separate speaker, while an app enables one to control the music, follow a song’s lyrics so that you do not sing out of topic, and even boasts of special effects to make you sound differently. Right now, the Juke project is being offered for $152 on the Kickstarter funding site, with a December deliver tipped to happen if all goes well.

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