BenQ GW2760HS 27in A-MVA LED LCD Gaming Monitor Review

BenQ GW2760HS measures 27 inch and boasts having 1,920 x 1,080 LED backlit screen with 72 percent NTSC color gamut. It features DVI, VGA (D-SUB) and HDMI, built-in speakers and audio / headphone out functions. The flicker-free LED backlight utilized by this television screen targets reducing eye-fatigue in viewers. The TV monitor features AMVA panel, which is a step down from much-fabled LCD panels based upon In-Plane-Switching (IPS). It however is well-priced for the improvements made on resolution, compared to budget TN panels.

The device has HDMI, DVI and VGA connections, along with built-in speakers plus headphone jack as well. Only tilt function is available and the BenQ monitor lacks height and pivot adjustment. Size implies that it sits at decent height for majority of desks. Even then, anti-glare finish acts as described, with the glossy black design of plastic being fairly unremarkable, yet inoffensive. The slim bezel which GW2760HS employs is however a brilliant aspect of the monitor. This monitor, as many others, requires only little assembly. Two screws are required for tightening and fastening the monitor and standing together, though it is not a great trial.

Menu controls tucked behind front edge are more irksome. Even with small dots at front offering guidance, these are rather fiddly to utilize, although the attractive and smartly-designed menus balances out the complexity. Three color temperature presets are available to viewers, including Normal and Bluish, Reddish and user mode. BenQ GW2760HS comes fairly well-calibrated out of box, matching its claims for contrast and brightness. This all leads to impressive and enjoyable images on the monitor. Blacks are quite intense for a monitor that is edge-lit, having decent detail-amounts resolved in shadows. Colors as wel pop off-screen especially owing to the high levels of brilliance generated.

It is prudent turning brightness down for work duties, but this function is ideal when viewing photos, videos and games. The GW2760HS from BenQ does not portray challenges with ghosting or lag, which should be welcome for majority of FPS gamers. Viewing angles are solid but image quality is not very consistent across the entire 27-inch panel. The top right and left quadrants are dimmer considerably whereas white point of bottom right and top left sections remain off, noticeably. In similar manner, viewing angles are quite solid, though not spectacular. These do not match the best of contemporary IPS screens available, but you should not experience great challenges in general while viewing different kinds of images on it.

BenQ GW2760HS is an ideal monitor which comes at great pricing. The flicker-free LED-backlight functionality it exhibits makes it a great option for individuals suffering severely from eye-fatigue. The monitor generates superb contrast and brightness levels, whereas flicker-free backlight is a great unique selling point not featured in rival products. The television set may not have the flexible nature and design which Samsung S27CP50P exhibits, but provides appreciably-nice pictures thus making it a relatively cost-efficient selection.

Price Range :  $189.99

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