Apple Releases iOS 6.1.4 For iPhone 5 (New Download Link)

Today Apple has just released iOS 6.1.4 (build 10B329) for users of the iPhone 5 to Feature "Updated audio profile for speakerphone", in March Then Apple released iOS 6.1.3 to fix the Bugs on Lockscreen that can be bypassed, at once making Evasion can not jailbreak on iOS 6.1.3. According to some websites that also talks about iOS 6.1.4, not too many changes done By Apple just added features mentioned above. Keep in mind that this is not a Beta version but the full version or can be said minor iOS 6.1.4 update and is only available for the iPhone 5 only and not available for other Apple iDevice.

Upgrade iOS 6.1.4 to perform on your iPhone 5, could use 3 Ways the OTA, iTunes or Manual.

How to Upgrade OTA : That did lagsung Update on your iDevice, open Settings - General - Software Update, then Tab "Download and install". Upgrade iOS with the advantages of doing it this way is you do not need to discriminate Back your data, because this way does not make it erased.

How to Upgrade iTunes: Please connect your iPhone 5 to PC / Mac, open iTunes, there is usually notices if you have the latest software available. before doing this way should backup the existing data in your iPhone5.

How to Upgrade iOS Manual : How it can be said the same with iTunes way, ie using iTunes ta [pi difference between iOS 6.1.4 IPSW file is not downloaded through iTunes, but in a separate download, and only use iTunes to upgrade iOS. You can download the iOS 6.1.4 IPSW file on Final Post.
  • For Windows - Press and hold the Shift key and then click the "Restore".
  • For Mac OS X - Press and hold down the Option key and then click the "Restore".
Issues Jailbreak, iOS 6.1.4 Jailbreak Can not By Evasion Whatever version, Both Tethered Or Untethered. You should be doing your Jailbreak on iPhone 5, persist in your current iOS. While waiting for The Hacker makes iOS Jailbreak Newest Program.

Please Download iOS 6.1.4 IPSW file through the link at the bottom.

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