Home Facebook application has been available on Google Play

Good News For those of you who have a smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, HTC One X, HTC One X + and the Galaxy Note 2. Facebook application now Home now available in Google Play and you can Uduh the Internet.

But I think it's a little disappointing, because the only smartphone in the above list are able to enjoy the features of Home's Facebook app, you msama Although both have Android-based smartphones but not on the list that supports Facebook Home you still can not meninstall this application.

Why Facebook Platform Just choose android course? Why Facebook Home is not available in iOS? By reason put forward Oprasi Zuckerberg is because Google's system is based Oprasi System Open Source. This could be Facebook Home will not be present in iOS because iOS Platform itself is closed and the only party that could mengembakannya Apple. Unless there is a Special perjajian between your Apple Facebook party to bring this in iOS Facebook Home Or Maybe someday there is a tweak in Cydia that was developed so that it can Facebook Home available in iOS, we'll see.

Okey I'll give a little description of it's own Facebook Home, Facebook Apps Can Say Home is different from the Facebook application that is available in other samrtphone In general, why? For applications running on the System Oprasi But under Other Applications. You can see the Facebook pengambaran Home image below. So it could be said this is not a Facebook Home Oprasi System (OS)
When you finish installing this application and so you run it, Facebook Home will change the Homescreen and Lockscreen is in your android phone into Cover Feed. Feed cover themselves in terms such as these, which presents the latest news update from Facebook Account users are in season by drawing with fullsceen Mode and accompanied by a written statement of the feed in question. So the users of Facebook Home itself does not need to open the Facebook application to see the latest status update because all have been present in both Automatic and Lockscreen Homescreen. You do not even need to open Locksceen Smartphone screen to be able to respond to the updated news, you just simply double tapping to respond to the news.

What if another user wants to access other applications on his Android smartphone? Enough of the finger brush user images in the bottom Cover Feed, and all applications can be accessed from the Android launcher as usual. For more details how to use this please Facebook Home See this video.

So what are you Wait Download now Also, Click here to download the Facebook Application Home.

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