New Download Application Line Chat for Mac and Windows

Surely you are familiar with the application of artificial Chat Jepan this. His name Line, Who does not know that Multi Chat Application platform is that you can install it on iOS-based Smartphones, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry with various attractive features even with Application Line you can call as much without using your main pulse. Not interesting? Especially in the Line Applications are also plenty Stickers Free or paid which can add to the excitement in the Chat activity.

Tahuka you, That Chat Line is also present in In Version PC / Laptop with a platform that has Mac OS X and Windows. Although this application is present in the form of computer version but you still need a smartphone that you have, to register the ID line. So in other words, you only use the computer version of the Application Line Chat line is to use IDs that have been previously registered and you do not register a new ID line through the PC version.

If you ask me personally Line Chat Application version PC / Laptop This provides many benefits, why? because when I Lowbatt Smartphone, I still stay in touch with my friends in line Or use this application when I was in the office and are working, I can still connect to my friends in line without opening the smartphone that I use.

Chat Line before using this application on your computer please follow these short steps.

Step 1: Download Application Chat Line version PC / Laptop is here Mac / Windows / Windows8

Step 2: Install the Application Line Chat on your kompter.

Step 3: After installing the Application Line, before login, you are in the compulsory to register your email via smartphone you have.

Step 4: Open the Applications Line's in your SmartPhone and Open "Settings" - "Accounts" and select "Email Register"

Step 5: Once the registration process is complete, please login with your email and password.

Have a Chat Line Applications in PC / Laptop and on your Smartphone.

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