WeChat Chat Applications for iPhone, Android, Blackberry With Different Features

Surely you already know this one Application Chat, Chat Application can Say this one is very different from the Chat application in general, why because a lot of interesting features in comparison with the Chat application like Whatsapp, Line, BlackBerryMasengger etc.

Besides these applications are available for a wide range SmartPhone type, like the iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry, so no limitations as Blackberry Masengger adalagi which can only use the Blackberry and imessagge Fellow and Facetime devices that exist in the Apple Family.

Talking about the features that exist in WeChat, Say Can Combine and refine the application and limitations of adding features - features that exist in each respective Chat Application. Which became Characteristic SmartPhone, okey here are a few features which exist in WeChat.

Features WeChat

1. You can connect to each other without limit with your friends who have smartphones iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

2. Application with Chat Application In general such as Whatsapp and Line Which has Emotio.dan Fitir Fitu Social Networking

3. Has the same features as videocall with the features of the Facetime application on the Apple Family. Also you can switch from Video to Audio Mode Mode When making calls, Audio Mode here just using your voice without showing yourself in the video Call.

4. You can also upload photos that you capture the Moment like social networks available on the Umumnnya.

5. The most interesting, namely WeChat also has features such as DragonDictation, that you only use the feature "Voice Mail" where you just hold the button "Hold To Talk" and say a few words to send it via message texk. you no longer need to type on your keyboard to menenuliskan Text message.

6. Features "Shake", this feature must use your location data, so make sure you enable location services in your SmartPhone. So you can mememukan The Moderate menggoyakan Smartphone at the same time.

7. Features "See Surroundings" feature berfungsih to find people who use WeChat in your neighborhood. and you can say Hello and ask her friends. This feature should also use your Location Services.

 8. Features "Throw Bottles" This is a message can Say "Broadcast" is more fun, so you can use this feature to send text messages and waiting who will reply to your message. If you do not get a response you can take back the bottle of Sea and melemparkannnya kemabli

9. You also can use your Facebook account login and Uses WeChat.

10. Language in Support: English, Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese

Now that all 10 features WeChat I Completed successful, however if there is a mistake please Convey Through Comment Box.

Please Download Application WeChat:

For iPhone Download

For Android Download

For BlackBerry  OS 5.0 Download OS 6 + Download

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