LG G3 explodes on the bed of his Owner Causing Big Damage

Another case smartphone explosion regrettable but not least. If some fun, sometimes find the same brand in this kind of news item, it appears that no constructor was spared. This time it's an LG G3 ignited as often is the battery level that it happens.


As you begin to know, and we will have reminded many times, it is always advisable to use the battery and the official charger included with your smartphone, other accessories and counterfeits are not always as reliable . This user has posted his story on Reddit, saying the LG G3 sister is 100% original and it caught fire while he was in charge.

As you can see from the pictures, this has caused great damage to the mattress which now has a gaping hole. This user is even said to have been forced to throw the mattress out the window as it was starting to go on fire. More fear than harm because no one was injured. Yet he had been used a few minutes before and nothing abnormal had attracted the attention of its owner.

As seen on some shots, the battery swelled and inflamed. This is of course an isolated case, and happily. LG is no doubt that will do whatever is necessary to replace it (if it wants more after this traumatic episode will purchase maybe an iPhone who knows ...).

After the Galaxy S4 causing a fire or earlier this year OnePlus One that burns its owner, we can only advise you to avoid handling your phone while charging and do not place it on surfaces too inflammables.Sinon it Hopefully your LG G3?

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