Sony Xperia Tablet Z4 Ultra: a 13-inch tablet to compete with iPad Pro Review

As you know, the tablet market is matured in 2014. Sales volumes are lower, users are already equipped and renewal of this type of product being slower than smartphones. Thus, manufacturers are redoubling their efforts to offer devices that enhance the user experience better definition screen, more powerful processors, more powerful cameras, especially products thinner and lighter.As rumors suggest, it may be that new development occurs tablets next year with possible iPad Pro displaying dimensions below current standards, greater than 10 inch.

Well it seems that the Japanese Sony is as instantly as according to Digitimes sources, the firm is working on a tablet of 13 inches to compete with Apple's next tablet. At the moment we do not have much information about the product but Digitimes says it would be available in the first half 2015.

Other important information, it would measure 12.9 inches and actually would display a definition of 3840 x 2400 pixels. It is equipped with a Qualcomm processor and 8-megapixel camera. Everything would be sheltered under a shell of 8.6 mm thickness.

Sony has chosen to entrust the manufacturing of this new tablet Pegatron which deals among other manufacturing the iPhone 6. According to these sources, the components would be ready to enter the assembly lines for mass production .

Finally the Japanese side price tablet should be around 1000 dollars or about 820 euros. A nice sum that could be an obstacle for many. At this price you can buy a well-equipped computer. Certainly this is not the same use. Let's wait a few months to see how the public will welcome this tablet.

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