Amazon offers over € 175 applications and games for Christmas

For Christmas, Amazon decided to be nice to all users of the Amazon Shop over € 175 applications and games are available until Friday, December 26 at midnight. You can download nearly 40 applications totally free, simply for it to have an Amazon account, if this is not the case, create a very simple and fast.

Giant e-commerce does not skimp on the means to make us use his appshop because with this bunch of 40 applications made totally free, it is a rather successful publicity stunt. You may well also use your Amazon account and appshop for this time of Christmas and return later to the Google Play Store or you can use both, one does not preclude the other.

And these are not unknown as applications and games that are part of this selection, because there is the classic TuneIn Radio Pro (which is € 8.92 on the Play Store), the fastest in the world Fleksy keyboard Keyboard (€ 1.62 on the play Store), the 2D Minecraft Terraria (€ 0.79 on the play Store) or the game Worms 3 (0.80 € on the play Store) and all that, for zero euros.

The appshop Amazon was removed from the Play Store for non-compliance with the rules set by Google itself. To access these free applications, so you'll need to download the APK from Amazon Shop and install it on your phone, the whole procedure is explained directly on the page. Simply to have an Android device and an Amazon account to download these applications.

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