Windows 10 will support the floppy Review 2014

If using floppy disks to install Windows will smile most of you, in a not so distant past, it was the norm when the CD-ROM was far from being present on all computers! Windows 10 goes further and wants to end the use of disks in the system. A serious error quickly reported by many irreducible. But what are their motives?

Microsoft can be proud of its latest operating system dated. Windows 10 enthusiasm most people who have already got hold of a Technical Preview for testing the outline of the OS. But a small element crumples a handful of dissatisfied users of certain choices made by the Redmond company.

The abandonment of the driver to use floppy disks is at the heart of the problem! And no, we're not April 1st. Microsoft has decided to no longer support this possibility largely deserted by many users "modern", but it is not to the liking of everyone judging the fifty posts an official forum Microsoft.

These users and defend tooth and nail their right to have a version compatible with all of their devices, including floppy drive. And we must believe that the movement is important enough that developers of Windows 10 decide to reinstate that function in a future build of Windows 10.

Another victory of the liberation front of the floppy drive? Actually, no. Some companies and some professionals exploit and even the venerable floppy disk to exchange some data (mostly .doc files) rather than the USB key yet largely democratized over the years. Knowing that Windows 10 is intended as much to the general public and professional world, Microsoft sells.

And this is how the disk drive becomes usable again under Windows 10. Any takers?

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