Galaxy A, G and J: how Samsung will revise its range in 2015

After a disastrous year for the mobile branch of Samsung, largely due to miss the Galaxy S5, the Korean company wanted to change the way it does, stop ChatON services like smartphones and less flood the market all kinds or at least to bring order into this ocean of devices. This change is underway with operation over 3 ranges, the A, G and J.

The first is the range of Galaxy A, represents the high end of the firm. The Galaxy Alpha was really only the beginning of a future with a capital A. We know already that this year 2015 we will have the Galaxy A3, A5 and A7 respectively less good at best high range Samsung.

The second is the range of Galaxy G, it would be the mid-range. We do not know yet but little about it, because only a leak on a model with as SM-G430 code name with the technical characteristics of a good mid-range makes us think that this will be the spearhead G. Maybe he future Galaxy G6 and G4 and G2 will soon join.

The third and last is that of the Galaxy J, the entry level. Our knowledge of J are more advanced, as we have already had leaks of a Galaxy J1 corresponds exactly to an entry-level smartphone. Samsung may want to make the flagship of the entry with a single model to complete the set.

While Samsung flooded the smartphone market with more than 50 year, it may well be that with the desire for radical change it now falls to 7 smartphones divided into 3 ranges which would cover the entire middle and top range as well as the grafted range with J1 (J1, G2, A3, G4, A5, G6, A7?). Nevertheless we have no certainty, and we can only wait for future announcements from the manufacturer.

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