Latest Razer Naga 2014 Top Review

The Naga 2014's top panel is dressed in a lightly textured matte black plastic. Here in the lab, we prefer the feel of other models, such as the Roccat Kone XTD, which is a bit softer to the touch.  There are buttons everywhere! Just behind the scroll wheel are two buttons for adjusting the sensitivity on the fly with five customisable levels from 200 to 8,200 dpi (2,000 dpi is more than enough!). You can always assign a different function to these keys if you're not bothered about switching dpi. Just bear in mind that they're not easy to reach quickly, so you may not want to load them with functions you'll need to access quickly. The Naga 2014's driver lets you configure every single button. It's pretty user-friendly and has room for an unlimited number of control profiles. These can be switched between manually or set to load automatically when a given program starts.

This makes the Naga 2014 just as useful for gaming as it is for graphics or office use. The only downside is that there's no smooth scrolling setting for the scroll wheel, which can be handy when browsing around the Internet or working in an Excel file. That's something that's available on only a few of Logitech's mice, like the G500S and the G700S.

Under your thumb you'll find the 12 distinct buttons that made the Naga series a success. This time around they've been fitted with mechanical switches that give nice feedback and remain relatively quiet when pressed. In the 2014 Naga, the thumb panel's design has a concave shape, giving each button has a chiselled, angled build that makes it stand out from its neighbours. The 10th, 11th and 12th buttons are still hard to reach, but with this new design you can press them with your index finger if need be to keep things more comfortable. The scroll wheel also got a makeover, scrolling horizontally as well as vertically.

Price Rang : £ 80.00 ( on Amazon )

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