Best KEF Egg Wireless high-quality 24-bit Digital Music System Review

As a fully self-contained speaker system, the Egg comes with both a high-quality 24-bit/96kHz DAC capable of playing back many high-resolution digital audio files, and a 50-watt digital amplifier, all built right in. The USB connection will be useful when connecting to a desktop or laptop computer, while the digital optical/3.5 mm hybrid jack allows digital connections to televisions and analog connections to nearly anything else you can think of. For streaming, the Egg offers a Bluetooth 4.1 wireless connection with aptX decoding for devices that support the codec.
New Best KEF Egg Wireless 2016
Best KEF Egg Wireless

I invariably get asked for purchasing advice on a wide range of audio and video products, but recently, I’m getting asked a lot more questions about computer speakers. It turns out, many people are buying big monitors and converting their computers from mere email and Web surfing machines to full-blown entertainment systems. This tells me that speakers like the KEF Egg have a potential audience. But when I bring up the Egg in conversation, the price tends to be a little … off-putting. I think that’s because folks usually think of computer speakers as relatively inexpensive packages that come with subwoofers that make a lot of boom. It’s true, those inexpensive systems will make a good deal of boom, but not a whole lot else. Dialog tends to sound chunky, sound effects are often too loud, and, musically speaking, well … there’s just not much to get excited about.

Those are all great things, but they are things that I think will only appeal to those who are very serious about sound quality. Fortunately, those are the same sort of folks who won’t balk at the notion of $500 for such a versatile speaker system.

So, while I have no reservations whatsoever about giving the KEF Egg my full, unfettered recommendation (and an Editor’s Choice badge,) I do so with the desire that the reader understand I know this system isn’t for everyone. Though, I will say, once you hear it, you may not be able to accept anything else for your multimedia needs. The Egg is just that good.

Price Range [ $499.99 ] on Amazon

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